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New Flame-Chasers! Get Supply Card, recommended stigma option and more!
Event shop opens with rewards!
Disciplinary Perdition: BIO-type S-rank ranged battlesuit dealing Lightning DMG. Chakram is the weapon.
Golden Diva: IMG-type SP support battlesuit dealing Lightning DMG. Plays music to support allies.
Tochter aus Elysium: Chapter XXIX is coming!
Shattered Dimensions: Get Bright Knight: Excelsis's new outfit and rewards.
Echo of Paradise, Lost Conviction series, and stigma sets Handel and Zeno.

[S-rank Battlesuit | Disciplinary Perdition]
"What has been said is true: everything humanity feared was brought by me and realized by me. For which, fate is not to blame. I know my sin, and my sin precedes me."
A BIO-type battlesuit that deals Lightning DMG, and her Combo ATK constantly hits enemies with Thunderstorms.

[SP Battlesuit | Golden Diva]
""My song has ended with my era. May your future be sung forever.""
An IMG-type support battlesuit that deals Lightning DMG, and her Performance grants buffs to allies.

[Song of Perdition | Login Bonuses]
Log in to get High Baroque Maestro Stigma Option x1, Supply Card x20, and Golden Diva Fragment x5.

[Featured Event | Felistore]
Purchase relevant bundles or spend Crystals in Supply events to obtain Fluorescent Cat Balls and exchange them for Reverist Calico's outfit Spectral Claws, Collector's Card, and more.

[Chapter XXIX | Tochter aus Elysium]
Elysium Everlasting — the secret hidden in the recesses of Elysian Realm.
Open-world Chapter XXIX released! New gameplay Weapon Card debut! Play to get Crystals, Bringer of Light Stigma Option, Golden Diva Fragments and more!

[Featured Event | Shattered Dimensions]
Fight against Latent Hunters in the exciting Hunt mode! Play the featured event to obtain Bright Knight: Excelsis's outfit Gale Hunter, Crystals and more!

[Equipment Updates]
Unleash unprecedented power! Chakram Lost Conviction, PRI chakram Lost Conviction: Damnation, pistols Echo of Paradise released!
Endlessly split time and unreachable destination. Paradoxical Philosophy stigma set Zeno and High Baroque Maestro stigma set Handel added to the arsenal!

Time does fly. Let's knock the door of the past and seek the answer from the depths.


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May 19, 2022
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